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New Free Webinars Announced - A Jennifer Young Lockdown

news Nov 05, 2020

Free Wednesday webinars - it’s a lockdown tradition

I wasn’t expecting that – were you? I don’t have the words to express my sadness as wellness closes again.
In accordance with a longstanding lockdown tradition, join me for a natter every lockdown Wednesday 1400 - 1500.
The topics and sign up links are below.
I hope to see you for webinar Wednesdays – sign up soon as places filled fast during lockdown 1.
11 November 2020 1400 - 1500 
Question and Answer

Ask me anything. The previous webinar series covered a myriad of topics, including specialist skincare, appearance related side effects of treatment for cancer, risk assessment, control of cross infection and therapeutic ingredients. You can ask me anything about any or all of these topics and more. I might not answer if you get too personal, but you can ask.

This live webinar has passed. It will be available as a recorded session soon. 
18 November 2020 1400 -1500
Medical and Scientific Jargon Explained

What is the difference between acute and chronic conditions? What does terminal mean? Is the same as life-limiting or end of life? What is first line treatment and is there an alternative? Idiopathic, congenital, epigenetic – we will never get through them all in an hour but I will have fun trying – no googling, we might Kahoot (you can google that if you need to).

This live webinar has passed. It will be available as a recorded session soon. 
25 November 2020 1400 - 1500
Wellness for long COVID – what are the side-effects of treatment?

We know we can help but how can we help? It’s not just the physical side-effects of treatment and a lingering illness, mental health can be impacted by isolation, uncertainty and fear. As usual, all information will be referenced.
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2 December 2020 1400 - 1500
Christmas Party – bring your own nibbles and bubbles

Subject to change – I hope that this is an end of lockdown celebration – in truth I hope I cancel the party as everyone is fully booked and back out and about. Consider this an event to ‘pencil in’ order your drinks and nibbles just in case.
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