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Jennifer Young's wellness world tour

global wellness summit holistic wellness hormonal balance hrt oncology skincare touch therapy world tour Sep 27, 2022

Taking holistic care for hormone balance and oncology skincare global

Jennifer Young is going on a world tour this autumn, having been awarded grant funding from The Department for International Trade. The grant enables us to take our pioneering research into natural skincare for sensitive skin, hormonal balancing spa treatments and skincare products, as well as oncology touch therapies and products to more international locations around the world.

Featuring key destinations, during October Jennifer Young will head to the 2022 Global Wellness Summit in Tel Aviv, as well as multiple speaking events in Australia.

Funding to support holistic wellness globally

The Internationalisation Fund available for businesses in England provides match-funded grants covering up to 60% of the total cost of dedicated business initiatives. Based on a detailed, submitted proposal, the grants can be used to support areas including market research, intellectual property advice, translation services, international social media/SEO, trade fairs, independent market visits, consultancy and other international commercial services.

In our case, we submitted our proposal primarily for attendance at the 2022 Global Wellness Summit as well as a selection of events in Australia. Following our world-leading research into holistic therapies and products for both cancer patients and women in menopause, it will help us to support the growing body of knowledge for medical and healthcare professionals, as well as the spa industry in providing dedicated therapist training.

The tour allows us to take our knowledge to a wider audience, showing the meaningful and effective support that holistic treatments can offer in order to personalise wellbeing and improve quality of life for individuals, as well as improving patient and client outcomes.

2022 Global Wellness Summit

The 2022 Global Wellness Summit is being held in Tel Aviv this year between 31st October and 3rd November. On the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, the event will bring people together to raise the conversation around global wellness trends, opportunities and the future of wellness.

This year's keynote speakers include global experts in digital health and wellness, public policy, and preventative approaches in healthcare, as well as entrepreneurs and researchers inventing the future of food, travel, and longevity medicine.

Jennifer Young has been a regular attendee at the Global Wellness Summit over the years, speaking about her research. She will attend again this year to contribute in particular her knowledge on the holistic options available to women in menopause in addition to or instead of HRT.

Taking holistic wellness for hormonal balance to Australia

The final stop on Jennifer Young's world tour is Australia, where she will visit numerous territories to discuss and present both her touch therapies and her extensive research into hormone balance.

We can't wait to see everyone and to report back from around the globe.

Find out more about Jennifer’s ambitious research Project Menopause Million


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