Jennifer Young launches Hormonal Wellness Spa Treatments designed to help women during their menopausal years

menopause Apr 01, 2022

Jennifer Young is launching Hormonal Wellness Spa Treatments designed to help women during their menopausal years

Jennifer has worked with menopausal women for a decade. Known for her pioneering oncology spa therapies, Jennifer uses her knowledge to provide spas, and others in the wellness industry, with evidence-based interventions.  

The Accredited Jennifer Young Hormonal Wellness Touch Therapies harness scientific evidence.  Jennifer commissioned research, carried out by a leading UK university, into the proven efficacy of complementary therapies in ameliorating the emotional and physical impact of the menopausal years. 

In other words, she knows which complementary therapies are proven to make things better.

Jennifer and the JY team have created specialist treatments to maximise the impact of the therapies shown to benefit women experiencing hormonal change.

Spa treatments for menopause

The Jennifer Young Hormonal Wellness Spa Treatments start by identifying the symptom groups causing clients the most concern. The specialist therapist uses the symptom identifier to make this process easy and pain free. Clients don’t have to talk about your experiences if you prefer not to.

Once the specific objective of the treatment has been agreed you welcome your client to a comforting therapy room.

The treatments take circadian rhythms into account – these are the daily fluctuations in hormone levels which make us sleepy or wake us up. The therapy rooms will contain an MPlus diffuser suited to the time of day and the treatment routine also reflects this, as do the products used in the massage.

Trained therapists are able to match the treatment to the symptoms that need addressing. The full body massage (we don’t touch the abdomen) is all enveloping but still the Jennifer Young Trained therapist manages to concentrate on the acupressure points which Traditional Chinese Medicine tell us are most effective in managing your symptoms. 

We weave magic into the treatment routines - at least that’s how clients tell us it feels.   



Products to enhance spa treatments

The MPlus Collections are used during the massage and facial. These supercharged products are available to retail. 

The therapist uses the uplifting morning collection until 2pm when all Hormonal Wellness treatments are performed using the relaxing, comforting night collection. 

Magnetic acupressure plasters are applied to the points that the therapist has identified as significant. 

Clients are to be given a symptom specific wellness and lifestyle guide and a product prescription.

Do we have a Hormonal Wellness facial as well? 

Yes we do, and the body and face treatments can be combined in a top-to-toe treatment. 

The facials are also matched to the significant symptom group. We acknowledge Ayurvedic wisdom during the facials, concentrating on the relevant marma points using a kansa wand to lift and sculpt the face whilst addressing the underlying concerns.

This is a facial like no other. 

What is the Hormonal Wellness Top-to-Toe Treatment? 

It is a combination of the Hormonal Wellness Body Massage and the Hormonal Wellness Facial – in total this treatment will take 1h 30 minutes, some therapists allow 2 hours for the combination of the two. 

Is there any research to support these techniques?

The research we commissioned into the proven efficacy of complementary therapies in the reduction  of symptoms of menopause supports some of the use the products and techniques but no research has been done into the efficacy of these treatments. 

The treatments are a spa experience, not a medical treatment.

Jennifer Young Hormonal Wellness Touch Therapies will be available from June 2022, the team at Jennifer Young are looking for the perfect spa partner – please get in touch if you think that is you.


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