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hear from jennifer young wellness & wellbeing Oct 19, 2021

Oh we had fun, we needed naps the day after the do,  but we had fun.


Our Wellness Day was wonderful. We started by covering the not very welcoming infection control protocols. We always take infection control very seriously, both at JY HQ and when in spa delivering therapies. Our interest pre-dates a global pandemic as we work with the immunosuppressed. Hand washing wasn’t new to us.  As we had many affected by cancer on the guest list and some who were in the middle of treatment – our protocols were front and centre.


All were greeted by Beth, brandishing hygiene packs. Every visitor to JY Towers is gifted a hygiene pack, containing all of the Post Pandemic essentials.


When the prelims were dispensed with, breakfast was served, along with some top tea and smashing chat.


Activities commenced after refreshments, guests made some bath bombs, bath fizzes and created their bespoke,  perfect essential oil blend, formulated to address whatever issue they felt was important for them to resolve. 


We created books and instructions to allow the guests to create their treats independently – we were a little nervous as we didn’t do so well in rehearsals – turns out our VIPs were much more skilled than anyone could ever have imagined.  We are the B Team, they are the A+ kids.


Lunch was next – the drama caused by the caterer cancelling at very short notice was forgotten as we enjoyed sunshine and sarnies.


The afternoon saw some JY pampering by our wonderfully skilled specialist therapists as well as some presentations to some fabulous folk with a sneaky bit of filming. Take a look at our Instagram stories If you haven’t seen our spectacular outdoor seating area (so special that I sometimes come in at the weekend, just to enjoy it, sad but true).


Finally, we had champagne, cake and party bags – the perfect end to the perfect day.


Wanna come to the next one? Join the guest list – we can’t wait to meet you.


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