Jennifer Young and Cancer Research UK Stevenage Wellness Day

charity event wellness Oct 26, 2021

Back in the day I was driven by injustice - why wasn’t anyone providing specialist skincare for those affected by cancer and why wasn’t I, a qualified therapist, allowed to touch a cancer patient and be insured to do so?

These questions were my motivation, my driver and my determination.

It wasn’t easy – some charities befriended us (and I love them unconditionally and completely) and some spas welcomed us (ditto). Others were less open to the idea of anyone living with and beyond cancer being given some degree of normality. 

It is never easy to affect change.

I had a solution to some problems and I was alone in my business.

For many years, I made the products (which I had formulated), I packed and despatched, I met with the amazing organisations who could see the good that could be done, I posted blogs I had written and I was our social media presence.


Never in a million years, did I, then, imagine that I would be hanging with these big boys. I wasn’t self-limiting, I suspect I was just too busy to imagine.

Just look at us now – Cancer Research UK (CRUK) are wonderful – have always been open to the difference we make and, I am forever grateful to them for embracing us and organising pamper days at their flagship stores.

I love to meet folk.

Stevenage brought us folk – those affected by cancer, some of whom had been reluctant to leave home but did so to see us, others who had been gifted our products and were delighted to see them in store, and our trained therapists and therapists in training.

A good time was had by all. I am blessed. 

Enormous thanks to all who came to see us, your kindness and generosity are very much appreciated.

Ever the social opportunist, I went to the theatre (Matilda the musical) as part of the trip to Stevenage – I was drawn to this poster in the bar (I did admit to being a social opportunist).


Matilda was little and she did a lot.


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