It does what? Skincare with superpowers combined with therapies proven to be effective.

hormonal wellness touch treatments menopause Jun 08, 2022

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Jane enjoyed her Hormonal Balancing Face and Body Treatment and spent some time reflecting on the difference it made to the physical and emotional impact of her hormonal changes.


The results were surprising – after just one treatment (admittedly 90 minutes long) Jane experienced better sleep, significantly reduced puffiness and lines as well as, amongst other things, laser focus.


Jane is a big fan of the MPlus products and treatments. It is easy to appreciate them in the short term as the products are fabulous and the touch therapies divine but their power lies in the longer term.


The Jennifer Young Hormonal Balancing Treatments use our MPlus Skincare with Super Powers. Their superpowers come from the oestrogen fuelled ingredients. We have chosen our ingredients for their oestrogenic properties as well as their nourishing, soothing and moisturising capability.


The treatments were developed after we commissioned some research into the complementary therapies effective against the unwanted physical and emotional consequences of menopause.  We work the most effective therapies into our touch treatments and, as Jane says, the results are astounding.


You can work this magic, we show you how. Don’t miss our pre-launch offer, it closes on 14 June.

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