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Jennifer Young

Is saving a life enough? The value of holistic wellbeing for cancer patients

cancer patient oncology massage diploma oncology touch treatments specialist skincare for cancer patients May 10, 2022

When we hear that someone has cancer, one of the first questions that tends to come to mind is: 'will they live?' At Jennifer Young, we ask: 'how can we support their quality of life?'

The non-medical concerns of cancer patients

This month, Jennifer is going to be speaking at Oncology Professional Care at ExCel in London, between 24th and 25th May. She will be sharing the secret concerns, reluctantly whispered to her, of individuals who felt they had no right to expect anything beyond medical treatment when it comes to cancer care.

As therapists, you will be aware that while doctors focus on treating the disease, cancer patients find themselves facing other (often distressing) consequences of a cancer diagnosis and treatment that are invariably sidelined. Anxiety, depression, fatigue, nausea and the aggressive side effects that cancer treatments have on skin, hair and nails, are all part of the journey, and they all have a significant impact on the quality of life that a person experiences.

How holistic wellbeing supports cancer patients

These are all reasons that Jennifer created the Beauty Despite Cancer specialist skincare for those living with and beyond cancer, as well as Jennifer Young Training for therapists wishing to offer holistic therapies for cancer patients at all stages of their cancer journey.

For those who are new to our community, Jennifer has been dedicated to working with those affected by cancer for more than a decade. It began when she was asked by her local hospital to create a skincare line for their cancer patients that was both suitable during cancer treatment and efficacious in soothing the skin side effects of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery.

We’re sharing our research into oncology touch therapies

As you are no doubt aware, Jennifer is a data driven scientist and a lawyer, so attendees at the talk can expect hard facts, backed by research in an energetic and entertaining session. It will be the first time she has shared the findings from her research into the non-medical concerns of those affected by cancer. Using data and anecdotal evidence collected over a decade, from a significant number of clients, she will list the top concerns of cancer patients and quantify the effectiveness of her touch therapies in ameliorating the side-effects of treatment for cancer.

You can find out more about Oncology Professional Care if you're interested in attending, and as always you can find out more about our oncology touch therapies on the link below.


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