Infection Control, Risk Assessments and Data

Jan 27, 2021

Will it never end? Hopefully you will be able to return to working your magic soon, we all need a massage/facial/leg wax don’t we? Please don’t tell me it’s just me.

If you have completed our free online infection control qualification, you are fully aware that you need data in order to be able to complete your risk assessment.

In short, the risk assessment process requires you to consider both likelihood and consequences (if you haven’t done our qualification, or have done one that doesn’t cover a risk matrix in some detail – do ours, your life will be easier and your mind clearer).

The data on both of these metrics changes by the minute, reliable sources are hard to come by – in the spirit of an update – have a look at this thing of great beauty (full disclosure, I haven’t checked the sources used here, you can see them, decide for yourself).

I love Information is Beautiful. I am a data-obsessed, visual leaner – this was made for me. There are so many infographics that I want to share but I offer you two

Snake Oil Superfoods


Cocktails – 77 drinks every bar person and party monster should know

As I write I realise that this may well be the most useful blog in the history of the universe.

Send me pictures.


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