How to treat hormonal imbalance holistically

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Over the last few months we have written at length about menopause, hormonal imbalance and the need to support women as they go through the physical and emotional changes that come with the three stages of menopause. 

What we come up against most often is the message that women need more information and options to make autonomous decisions about their wellbeing, at what can be a trying and confusing time of life. 

We know the power that therapists have to influence the wellbeing of the people we care for. For years we have provided such care to cancer patients, many of whom go on to experience medical menopause as a result of cancer treatments. 

The development of our Menopause Plus platform includes a dedicated hormone balancing skincare line, coaching and touch treatment qualifications. It operates on the same principle as everything else we do - we are here to treat the individual, offering a holistic approach. 

There is space in the world for both medical and holistic approaches to menopause and hormonal changes, but to date the latter has not had the data to support it or the structure to give it its due. We have brought together evidence based approaches that address the causes and the symptoms of unwanted consequences of hormonal imbalance. Here's an overview of how our products and treatments do that.  

How holistic therapies help with hormonal imbalance 

Our Hormonal Wellness touch therapies combine touch, acupressure, aromatherapy and naturally occurring plant hormones to support the hormonal wellness, whilst tapping into the body's circadian rhythm (daily fluctuations in hormone levels which make us sleep or wake us up).


The Chinese believe that acupressure balances the vital energy by releasing neurotransmitters and neural hormones in the body. It's for this reason that it's been reviewed and used to help relieve menopausal symptoms.

There is a lot of research attesting to the benefits of acupressure for all manner of issues, including menopausal symptoms. For example, a study by the NIH commented: "The findings revealed a significant reduction in the number and severity of hot flashes, the number of night sweats, and state–trait anxiety severity." 

In our treatments, we use acupressure points during the massage, as well as acupressure plasters that clients keep on after their treatment to continue the ongoing benefits at home.

Circadian rhythm 

The circadian rhythm is our internal biological clock and it's linked to starting and monitoring various physiological processes throughout the day. It's usually associated with sleep, for example. 

The circadian rhythm changes over our lifespan and can have an impact on metabolic alterations - which helps to explain some of the hot flushes, mood alterations and brain fog that women often experience during menopause. 

Our hormone balancing touch therapies work with an individual's circadian rhythm, depending on their answers during the consultation process, which has been carefully created to ask important questions without being invasive.


Phytohormones or naturally occurring plant hormones (phytoestrogens in particular) can be seen as an alternative to HRT or something that can work alongside medical support like HRT, depending on the individual and their preferences. They are chemicals produced by plants that can mimic (to an extent), oestrogen. It's not the same as oestrogen in our body, but they have been shown to have an effect on symptoms like hot flashes. Some have also been shown to decrease vaginal atrophy, improve sleep and cognition, and positively affect bone health (ref: NIH study). 

We created a dedicated MPlus product line which can be retailed as well as used by clients at home, and this is where our treatments include phytohormones. The products are 100% natural, and many of the ingredients have been selected for their naturally occurring oestrogens - for example, sunflower oil.


As therapists, we know the power of aromatherapy in all scenarios, and for menopause it's no different. 

Women experience a number of emotional consequences of menopause, including anger, tension, anxiety and depression, as well as physiological symptoms like the aforementioned brain fog. Aromatherapy can go a long way towards supporting women in these different aspects. For example, geranium in the morning is uplifting while peppermint can help with hot flashes and orange blossom can help relax and prepare for sleep.

We have included essential oil blends designed to help relieve different symptoms and for different times of the day in both our MPlus skincare as well as diffusers that can create a supportive environment in the treatment room.

After two years of research and development, our hormonal balance touch treatments and products are proving their efficacy at supporting women holistically when it comes to menopause. For example, after having a 90-minute Hormonal Balancing Face and Body Treatment, Jane said: 

“It’s hard to believe some of the benefits from the acupressure points. I had the most amazing business meeting this morning. I was so clear and on point and I didn’t feel fuzzy at all. I’ve had no tingling in my fingers which I quite often get, and no feelings of dizziness. Last night I was really focusing on whether I would be as itchy as normal. Before the treatment that itchiness was about a 9 and last night after the treatment it was about a 2. I had these acupressure stickers put on at the end of the treatment and if I keep having more treatments they will be replaced. I love the idea that I will have that long-term benefit.”

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