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offer therapist training training Jun 03, 2021

Celebrate Reflexology

52% of therapists surveyed said…..

Reflexology is the treatment most popular with their clients (massage came a close second with 51% reporting it as their most popular therapy).

The Postgraduate Diploma in Oncology Reflexology  

  • allows you to give reflexology treatments to those living with or beyond cancer
  • equips you to have informed conversations with medical professionals, using evidence to support your value,
  • gives you language that is heard
  • addresses stress and anxiety in oncology clients, helping you to appreciate the cause, effect and the ways in which you can help.


748 members responded to the 2021 FHT member survey.


The results are fascinating.


  • are concerned about a lack of recognition from medical and other professionals

Clients seek support for

  • Long Term health Conditions (76%)
  • Stress and Anxiety (83%)


We’ve got this.


Always looking for an excuse for an offer – we celebrate the combined preferences, needs and concerns of FHT therapists and clients – book our Postgraduate Diploma in Oncology Reflexology and receive products to the value of £56.


 USE COUPON CODE  REFLEXJUNE2021 to book this online qualification before 14 June and receive


Defiant Beauty Mild Mint Foot Balm 50ml

Defiant Beauty Cool & Refresh 100ml

Defiant Beauty Nail Oil 5ml


These specialist products, developed with the help of an NHS cancer centre,  can be used during your case studies and with clients when you are qualified in reflexology for cancer patients.


52% of therapists report Reflexology as the treatment most popular with their clients – why deny those, affected by cancer, who need it more than most, access to this super-effective therapy?


All qualifications are fully online and include live assessments as well as Q&A sessions with a Jennifer Young Tutor.


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