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Why is cancer contraindicated for holistic and beauty treatments?

news Oct 16, 2020

I came to holistic and beauty therapies late. After working in science and hard facts for a long time, coaching at all levels within large organisations, it was time for a change & therapies was the change. I was taught, as are we all, that cancer is contraindicated for most therapies (well done to Reflexology and Reiki for not excluding those affected by cancer). I wasn’t taught why – were you? Or at least, I wasn’t taught why in a way other than unsubstantiated suggestions that it could do harm.

At the same time as leaving my science behind, or so I thought, I was asked by my local NHS hospital to create a skin care range to help those going through treatment for cancer. The creation of the skin care collections, Defiant Beauty, is another story. The invitation to work with the patients, ex-patients and staff at the hospital opened my eyes to a world of injustice. The women I met felt that this was the time when they needed beauty most – it was denied them. I’m not good with injustice – it was time for change. Massage & beauty treatments need no longer contraindicated for those living with & beyond cancer.

The 14 accredited qualifications offered by the Jennifer Young Training School allow therapists to use their skills to help those affected by cancer and be insured to do so. We teach adapted techniques and help our therapists to appreciate the issues that are faced by people going through or recovering from their treatment for cancer. I used my scientific background to do some research and discovered that there is no evidence to suggest that adapted massage is harmful. Worse, there is a huge body of evidence to show that massage is enormously and measurably beneficial to those going through treatment for cancer. I can’t leave the science behind.

Our 14 accredited qualifications are practical and fun. They differ from my therapy training in that all assertions are referenced. Research underpins all that we teach. I feel the responsibility that comes with developing new therapies for a new client group and I don’t take that responsibility lightly. I’ve done the research and it informs our training. We have had some wonderful feedback from students and they keep coming back for more so we must be doing something right.

Science and therapies work well together – who knew?


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