Cake Wednesday

business cake recipes Oct 26, 2021
What's not to love?

Wednesday is a top day – I write a newsletter and the whole team is in the office – the only day we coincide.
We engineered this as our communications were not as good when we went a while without seeing each other – albeit from a distance.
We decided to celebrate our weekly reunion on time honoured fashion – Cake Wednesday was born.
I love Cake Wednesday (if ever you have to visit HQ, come on a Wednesday). What better event to commemorate with my last newsletter for a week or so (Northern Ireland, here I come) than our creative cakes? Here they are.

The beauties taste as good as they look.

In no particular order. 

Strawberry and Vanilla, Gluten Free and Vegan by Vic (tech genius) 

Lemon Drizzle by Shannon (lab genius) 

ooohhhh - Gluten Free Chocolate Mousse Cake, with homegrown raspberries by me, me, me 


Gluten Free Orange Olive Oil Cake with Sage and Cardamom Syrup (as well as some homegrown Rosemary thrown in) by Kevin (show off and digital genius)

Guten Free Chocolate Brownies by Beth (office genius) 


Victoria Sponge and Gluten Free Carrot Cake by Jasmine (all-round genius)


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