A masterclass in digital marketing

marketing spa business Apr 09, 2021

Once again, we hear from the great and the good and I cannot believe that I know these folk. Not only that but they are generous enough to share their experiences and expertise with us all.

Elliott Wakefiled is a legend. When you watch his video you can imagine him cringing at such a description. I can't think of a better one.

Elliott is Group Marketing Director for The Alexander Hotel Collection.  I was lucky enough to meet with Elliott when we were arranging their offering Jennifer Young Spa Treatments at their Utopia Spas.

A global pandemic robbed me (and lots of those affected by cancer) of their launch party (as soon as we rearrange, you will hear about it) but Elliott kept me and the rest of the world updated with progress at the hotels. 

Elliott was a marvel (that's a better word) and had us all digitally hooked during all of  the lockdowns. He gives us a digital masterclass - he is the master (another good one) of keeping us interested. It is incredible to me that their web traffic remained at 80% of pre-lockdown rates - for a hotel group who can't take room bookings - immense.

Watch and learn.


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