Gift ideas for someone who has just been diagnosed with cancer

gifts Jul 23, 2021

When someone has been diagnosed with cancer, the natural inclination of loved ones is to want to show care. One of the ways we do that is through gifts. There can be a real sense of helplessness when someone you care about is told that they are ill, and the challenge when it comes to presents is finding something that’s meaningful, suitable, and genuinely helpful.

For the person on the receiving end of such overwhelming news, this period following diagnosis is about coming to terms with the journey ahead and preparing yourself physically and mentally for any treatment you may be having. Gifts can make a real difference to that process.

As therapists and spa businesses we can make it easier by guiding cancer patients and their loved ones towards gifts that will provide this support. Jennifer Young also provides many products that make the perfect gifts, these can be supplied to spa retail areas as well.


Oncology touch treatments

We know that touch treatments can have a powerful impact on how we feel both mentally and physically, in any circumstance. We are all a little more cautious treating someone with cancer, knowing that we need to be mindful that some areas of the body may be more sensitive than others, or that treatments can cause contraindications.

However, proven benefits of oncology massage and other tailored touch treatments include (but are not limited to) reduced anxiety, stress, depression, general fatigue, reduced motivation fatigue, and emotional fatigue. They can also lead to improved sleep, reduced heart rate and lower blood pressure, as well as a decrease in physical discomfort and mood disturbance.

Guiding clients and their loved ones towards touch treatments that support cancer patients can provide enormous relief. The Jennifer Young Post Graduate Diploma in Oncology Massage provides the skills and knowledge to give spa therapists the confidence to tailor treatments effectively, offering the diagnosed with cancer the most relaxing and rejuvenating experience possible. 

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Gifts to support sleep

It’s not a surprise to know that the anxiety, stress, and sometimes physical discomfort of cancer can make it difficult for individuals to sleep. While there’s no magic cure, touch treatments have been known to make a difference, and there are rituals that we can do at home that also help.

Gifts that aid sleep rituals such as body oils, bedtime drinks and carefully chosen aromatherapy products can help someone to prepare for more meaningful rest. Jennifer Young has developed a wide range of products that offer sleep support. For example, our Wellbeing Beauty Indulgent Sleep Care Collection includes hot chocolate drinking flakes, a lavender bath bomb, a self-heating eye mask and our Well Being Beauty Sleep Ritual Body Oil. The oil contains a range of essential oils that work to improve sleep quality: sandalwood, lavender, bergamot, and ylang-ylang, all of which help to improve sleep and reduce stress levels and anxiety. 

Gifts for feeling special

One thing that almost everyone says following a cancer diagnosis, is that they don’t want to be treated differently, and they don’t want their identity to be about cancer. While we want to make sure we’re giving loved ones presents that are gentle and won’t cause harm, we also want to make sure that they feel really spoiled and as much like themselves as possible.

This is where all the beautiful things that we associate with a spa day come into play. Nice smells, oils, and creams – the things that make us feel pampered and cared for both during and after a spa experience. For example, our Cosy Night In collection includes a Well Being Beauty Sleep Ritual Body Oil, a Well Being Beauty Sleep Ritual Diffuser and a Well Being Beauty Calming Foot Soak.

Some of our Beauty Despite Cancer Bloggers have described how the Jennifer Young products help them to feel special and bring back their sense of self. Read about Penny's self care journey here


Gifts for mental wellbeing

While everyone responds to a cancer diagnosis differently, the mental challenge of coming to terms with it, going through the rollercoaster of emotions and preparing for treatment is perhaps one of the hardest. In this period before treatment begins, we can use aromatherapy to help cancer patients in that process.

As therapists, we know that aromatherapy can have a powerful impact on the way we feel; sending odour molecules to the limbic system and hypothalamus - the control centre between the endocrine and nervous system, which impacts hormonal responses and mood. This is something that we can incorporate in oncology touch treatments at this stage (pending appropriate risk assessments), but it can be brought into the home.

For example, we can use diffuser oils formulated for specific purposes. Our Wellbeing Beauty Solar Plexus Chakra Diffuser contains calming digestives such as ginger, cardamom, lemon, and lime to help individuals to rebalance. Other blends help with mental clarity, relaxation, and energy levels.


Therapists trained with Jennifer Young can access discounted products for use in treatments as well as retail outlets when you open a wholesale account.



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