Do the right thing

spa business Apr 20, 2021

There are many reasons why a spa or therapist decides to take Jennifer Young Training.

  1. They want to welcome those affected by cancer
  2. They want to end discrimination
  3. They have measured how many clients they turn away and realised they could treat 33% more clients
  4. They don’t want to be the one who says ‘no’
  5. They know someone who has been diagnosed
  6. They understand that specialist therapies make a difference
  7. They have a great relationship with a local hospice/hospital (some of our spa clients ‘lend’ their therapists to chemo day wards)
  8. They want to be better
  9. They have heard how good our training is
  10. The main reason - therapists are lovely, caring people who know that they can help, and they want to.

Our friend Elliott, marketing director for The Alexander Hotels Collection was instrumental in making the decision to work with The Jennifer Young Training School – here he explains his reasons.


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