The Postgraduate Diploma in Oncology Massage- A Review by Graduate Sue Bond

course reviews and information hear from our graduates oncology massage diploma Sep 06, 2021
Last week, we interviewed Sue Bond, one of The Jennifer Young Training School graduates to ask about her opinions of the course and to talk to us about her experience with Oncology Massage.
Sue is an aromatherapist and a graduate of The Jennifer Young Training School. Sue began her Postgraduate Diploma in Oncology Massage after understanding that those experiencing cancer were being turned away from spas and salons. When her close friend was diagnosed with cancer, Sue was upset that she was unable to treat her and wanted to help.
Sue continues to offer treatments to those experiencing cancer at her Tranquil Tea House in Headley Down. 
Sue has told us about the amazing feedback she has received since offering Oncology Massage to her clients, with one lady saying “I'm not going to tell anyone about you, because I want to keep you all to myself”. She explains how grateful her clients have been to be able to receive a pampering after previously being turned away with, many agreeing that Oncology Massage "was just what they needed". 
Sue feels passionate about offering adaptable treatments to those experiencing cancer  and believes that the initial training that therapists receive should be reworded to explain that you can treat those with cancer, providing you have extra training. At The Jennifer Young Training School we completely agree. With the correct specialist training offered by Jennifer Young, therapists can treat cancer patients without medical consent. We provide adaptable treatments to meet individual needs so that our therapists can feel confident in providing safe and appropriate treatments to those who may need it most. 



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