2021 - A review

business insights & tips hear from jennifer young Dec 21, 2021

What was 2021 for you?

Was it the chance to get out and see your friends or the year in which you decided you were less sociable than ever you thought? Was it the year you joined the wellness revolution or the year you decided it was time to retrain as an acrobat, or dentist?

Our wonderful industry has seen a lot of change. The great resignation has provided us all with more challenges as has the increased interest in our work.

One constant remains – therapists do good and are needed.

There is a lot of evidence to support the tangible benefits of the work we do. Whilst it is important for us professionals to be sure of the evidence base, underpinning the claims some of us make, it is of less significance to our clients these days.

Having suffered long periods of isolation, some without any human touch (other than the medical), they intuitively feel the need for us to get our hands on them.

May 2022 bring you the opportunity for you to get your healing hands on many.

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