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2020 - what a year - a review

business insights & tips hear from jennifer young Dec 13, 2021

We had high hopes for 2021 didn't we?  

As I look, in December 2021, at my review of 2020, I am reminded of a reduced Christmas, a cancelled New Year's Eve and Tiers. Who recalls Tiers? Who was where? 

2021 was tough for us wellness professionals, as it was for everyone else. So many are desperate for our loving, kind and compassionate touch because of their prolonged sensory deprivation.  

We learned a lot in 2020 didn’t we? We queued for food and missed our friends, hunkered down, willing businesses to survive, or enjoyed a long, sunny furlough.  

The spa and wellness industry was closed for 12 months (off and on, adding to the pain).  

When we returned 25% of wellness venues closed because of isolation restrictions – the pingdemic. 

It all seems so long ago. What resilience our industry has shown. Industries are made up of individuals  - it is you who have shown the resilience, you are still here, you have survived.  

If you get a min, this season, reflect on your strength and determination, your successes, your kindness and the kindnesses and generosity that have been shown to you. 

As we approach 2022, I wish you more normality than we have known in 2021 and that was more normal than 2020 - the lost year, during which, you triumphed. 

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