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A free webinar for therapists working in spas, salons and clinics, to help understand some of the skin conditions associated with cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Jennifer Young’s free webinar on the Therapeutic Skincare Formulation, is an informative and empathetic explanation of the impact that chemotherapy, radiotherapy and other cancer treatments can have on the skin, and how to support clients with meaningful advice and an understanding of product suitability.

From extremely dry skin to breakouts on the scalp after hair loss and skin pigmentation, the physical side effects of cancer treatment are wide ranging and can be extremely painful. At a time of great anxiety, these skin conditions can be a source of huge additional distress, not only because they change the way a cancer patient looks, but because they advertise their personal challenges to the world around them. In addition, the increased and everchanging skin sensitivity caused by cancer treatments can have a huge impact on the products and ingredients that are safe to use.

As therapists, we may not be able to make these side effects disappear, but there are things we can do to reduce them, relieve them and to bring a sense of care and comfort to clients going through an extremely hard time. It is also an introduction into understanding which products and ingredients are safe for the different stages of cancer treatment and why.

In this free webinar, delivered by Jennifer Young, a recognised expert in occupational health and the designer of multiple accredited courses for providing spa therapies to cancer patients, she discusses the skin conditions associated with treatment for cancer so that you can better understand the challenges they face and where you may be able to offer support.

Worth 1 CPD point

Recorded in May 2020