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A free webinar for therapists working in spas, salons and clinics, to help understand how you can tailor the spa and spa treatment experience to support, benefit and treat clients going through cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy, safely.

Jennifer Young’s free webinar on Helping Cancer Patients in Spas, Salons and Rooms, is an informative explanation of the impact that cancer treatments have on the skin and body, and how we, as therapists can tailor the spa experience to make sure that we are supporting our clients in the best ways possible.

From extremely dry skin to breakouts on the scalp after hair loss and skin pigmentation, we invite you to learn more about the side effects of cancer treatment on the skin and body, and what that means for the products, treatments and treatment protocols that we use. We introduce you to how the right products can have a meaningful impact on nourishing mind, skin and body, as well as relieving some of the side effects of treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy. We also look to demystify the treatment of cancer patients to show how an informed and educated approach can be a positive and powerful thing for therapists and patients alike.

This free webinar is delivered by Jennifer Young, a recognised expert in occupational health and the designer of multiple accredited courses for providing spa therapies to cancer patients. Through discussing the skin conditions associated with treatment for cancer and how our work as therapists can make a difference, it provides an introduction to how you can better understand the challenges clients with cancer face, and where you may be able to offer support.

Worth 1 CPD point

Recorded in May 2020